Head2Head: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we finally get our chance to put both the PS3 and Xbox 360 retail versions of Final Fantasy XIII-2 under our Lens. We saw the demo, did anything change? Find out inside."

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fluffydelusions2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

PS3 version of FFXIII looks better than XIII-2...nice job SE...way to go backwards.

iamtehpwn2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

I don't think we should be comparing the intro though. Maybe somewhere like New Bodhum, or Archtyle Steppe. The Intro has destruction and a lot of it has to be low poly because of the massive scale of Valhalla, and there's also a lot of destruction happening on Valhalla.

inveni02304d ago

I'm a PS3-only owner, but I'm just glad that 360 owners didn't get shafted as badly as they did with XIII. I still think PS3 has the advantage here, but it's really only in terms of MLAA. And even that is just a personal preference (I like things to look smoother and more realistic, including textures). But these two versions are close enough that it's not murder and a slap in the face to the 360 like on XIII.

Poor ports hurt gamers. Bottom line. But this is at least on par with each other.

MsclMexican2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

I hate

Its a breeding ground for fanboys on both sides...

Just look at these comments

"LMFAO!! Final Fantasy looking better on the SUPERIOR Xbox 360 ROFL!! Oh Cernaml it must really suck to be on the Sony Defense Force about now ROFL. This just goes to show again that the SUPERIOR Xbox 360 can EASILY pull off the best effort of the overpriced internet ready blu ray player. Oh this is just too easy. ROFL!!!! Sony Defense Force said for months now that the over priced internet ready blu player release of this game would look better than the Xbox 360 version LOL!!
Another victory for Xbox 360!!! Wow that win column is getting really full. Hey Sony Defense Force guys….can we borrow some of that empty space in your win column??? I mean it’s not like you’re using much of it anyway right?
Xbox has sharper visuals with clearer textures, better anti-aliasing, softer shadows, more realistic lighting, and doesn’t have that “washed out” look that we’ve all come to expect from the pathetic, pitiful, over priced internet ready blu ray player. If Xbox 360 were the lead on this game this contest wouldn’t have even been close. The over priced internet ready blu ray player can’t keep up as it is…I can here da’ powwa’ uv’ da’ cell churning now……”i think i can, i think i can, i think i can.”..LMFAO!!!
Oh and I wonder how gigantic of a M A N D A T O R Y install this game will have on the over priced internet ready blu ray player? None on the SUPERIOR Xbox 360…NONE. LMFAO!!!!

“Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made.” –John Carmack

I mean really... I feel stupid for copying and pasting this guys statement

I mean really, now that I think of it, reading some of the comments on Lens of truth will actually kill your brain cells

gman_moose2304d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Those kids over there are pathetic, but then again, sites like LoT thrive on insecure fanboys.

Owning both consoles definitely has it's advantages, but graphics wise, you can't go wrong with either version on this one.

S-E sucked me in on FFX-2 though... I'm not going to let them do it again.... pass.

CoLD FiRE2304d ago

Did you not see these other comments? Or didn't you want to see them?

"Yes, there has been an analysis of it already by comparing the two Japanese releases.

Oh and it also has faster loading times WITHOUT AN INSTALLATION. Gonna cry now, Buying? LOL The PS3′s “slow” Blu Ray drive leaves the 360 in the dust! Oh but you could always install the entire game on your HDD. A highly R E C O M M E N D E D installation that doesn’t make the pitiful DVD toaster get on its knees and bow to the almighty PS3 just like it would have done with RAGE and Battlefield 3. LOL

Expect an easy PS3 with or without better visuals on the 360. ^_^

“PS3 won 2011″ -GeneralMLD"

"Why is it that all Xbox games look like they were dug out of the bottom of a trash can that has rotten apples, banana peels and shit in it?"

"HAW HAW HAW.. what did i tell you xbutts? This FF is gimped down to fit your puny DVD and flawed GPU. This game is the best example of the xbox3shitty holding back this gen.

Christ, even after gimping down, the xbox cant keep up with the framerate of the PS3."

Maybe your fanboy goggles made you miss these comments and only see the ones you posted.

Since this is N4G I'm pretty sure I'll end up with too many disagrees even though my comment is not much different than yours but it's not in favor of the Sony zealots.

MRMagoo1232304d ago


Or maybe they picked some comments to cut and paste and decided against posting all the comments on the site. I still find it funny when ppl try to make out this site is full of ps3 fanboys yet completely ignore the fact there are equal or more 360 fanboys on the site. But i guess your fanboy goggles prevented you from noticing that huh?

Joe Bomb2305d ago

These look extremely close. A much better multiplatform developing job by Square Enix then with XIII, which the PS3 looked noticeably better.

Optical_Matrix2305d ago

Fact. FFXIII on the PS3 looks far superior to both versions of FFXIII-2. This is atrocious.

Shaman2305d ago

I'm playing the game now and it looks sooo much better after this intro. This looks really ugly, I agree, but everything is basically the same as the last time. They just added God Rays...

stonecold32305d ago

ps3 version look good but im holding off for ffvs 13 to come out on ps3

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