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With the PlayStation Vita‘s sales dwindling in Japan, Sony executives are point the finger at a weak launch line-up. The absence of one game seems to be the blame though: Monster Hunter.

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fluffydelusions2385d ago

So the fate of this handheld rests on one game? Nahhhh though I won't deny the significance of it in JP.

darthv722385d ago

"what is the significance of the monster hunter game? Is that capcom's answer to pokemon?

Never played one... so am I really missing out on something here or what?

I do have to wonder though. There have been lots of people talking about how this game can turn things around. Then again, are those saying it really that interested in the game (genuinely) or are they just using that as a way to hope for better vita sales?

I seriously hope the vita does well but I am not one to proclaim the success of something rests on a single game. It would be the sum of its parts."

please, someone enlighten me on this.

HarvesterOSarow2385d ago

Think of it this way. Monster Hunter is Capcoms biggest selling franchise ever. Selling more numbers then Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Mega-man. Capcom representatives have said that they really wish that the Monster Hunter games would catch on in America like they do in Japan because literally EVERY single thing to do with MH sells huge! But don't think of it like a CoD type audience because I assure you it isn't. After Nintendo and Capcom announced Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS, stock still fell because real fans that have been there from the start, saw something they loved going in the wrong direction. Not that the game will be bad, but true hunters don't need QTE cutscenes and 3D graphics. They want more monsters, more quests, stronger co-op, and of course more weapons and armor. This franchise is so vast, the Japanese fanatics have "hunting camps" where they get hundreds of people together for a couple days and sit around drinking and completing quests. It's awesome, but the psp games are ad hoc only, so you need to be close unless you have ad hoc party on your ps3.

I have loved Monster Hunter since PS2, but if you really want to check it out I suggest Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in America because it has the most content and it's only like 10 dollars at Gamestop.

Sithlord-Gamble2385d ago

I would say to a certain degree it does.

Monster Hunter is to Japan what COD/MW is to the US ... its a system seller over there.

Look how much 3ds sales rose when it was released in combination of the price drop.

ronin4life2385d ago

MH alone won't "save" the vita anymore. The only reason it saved the psp was because you couldn't get it on the ds at all, and that's no longer the case.
It will always be a system seller no matter where it lands, but its impact will be nowhere near what they used to be for Sony's consoles.

MasterCornholio2385d ago

Weak launch lineup? Then what was the 3DSs? I agree that there were not many games that the Japanese love but the launch wasn't weak at all.


tubers2385d ago

So if the launch titles weren't weak.. then does this solidify that the VITA platform's pricing was (weak/expensive)?

Neko_Mega2385d ago

No, it means their wasn't really anything at the time that Japanese want.

Disgaea 3 is coming out soon and you can bet theirs going to be some sales because of it and any other RPG/JRPG coming out.

ronin4life2385d ago

Poor sales of the vita stem from multiple factors, not just one.
Strong competition: the 3ds had to compete with the psp(and in some ways the ps3). Now, the vita has to face the psp renaissance at its peak and the 3ds coming into its own, both of which have larger libraries and cheaper costs.(and once again, the ps3 is also cutting in to potential market share to a lesser degree.)
Sku and memory card Confusion, and Western focused games played a minor part along with missing features out the gate and a lack of umd BC. These may be minor issues, but they stack up.
What we are seeing here is hardly surprising, and the eventual upswing won't be surprising either.

Sobari2385d ago

Not sure if the launch lineup is the problem. It came with Uncharted, did it not? If that didn't move a large number of units, than I'd say there's something else going on.

FriedGoat2385d ago

The Japanese don't like uncharted, this launch lineup is very western oriented. Just look at what game is now in the #3 spot in Japan? A new ps vita jrpg than has now already let the vita overtake the psp in sales.

Myst2385d ago

Yep. It very well could be but when you have it going toward the 3DS and the PS3 having the HD version you would certainly need to think of something different. Have both the PSP and PS3 version be able to link up in some way or something. Or just work from scratch and make a new one akin to Monster Hunter Frontier. I mean the PSV seems perfect for a type of Monster Hunter that is similar to Frontier so I don't see why they don't make it happen. Hell if I was only allowed one game that would be it.

smashcrashbash2385d ago

@ Neko_Mega. Not to mention Ragnarok Odyssey and Gravity Daze

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