PixlBit's SoulCalibur V Review

PixlBit | SoulCalibur has long held a special place in the hearts of fighting game fans. The combination of weapon based combat combined with exaggerated, yet memorable characters was a welcome change of pace from the Tekkens and Virtua Fighters of the day. While never accused of being the deepest of fighting games, its trademark accessibility assured that both the core and casual fighting fans could enjoy their time in the ring.

But all good things must come to pass and as the years passed the series failed to evolve with the times. A formula that was so successful became monotonous and some questioned whether the series could survive. This newest installment is an important one for the franchise’s legacy. Key combat changes open up some deeper fighting possibilities, but for each improvement made an opportunity was missed.


Score is actually 3.5/5 not 3.5/6.

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TheBlackSmoke2269d ago

Again, more "journalists" completely not getting what the point of a fighting game is and instead whining about story modes.