What Halo 4 can learn from the Devil May Cry reboot

OXM UK: "You can't please everybody, so why not take risks?"

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MultiConsoleGamer2183d ago

People need to stop writing these "What 'X' can learn from 'Y' articles." They're starting to get ridiculous.

t0mmyb0y2183d ago

Haah that's EXACTLY what I was going to say.

dirigiblebill2183d ago

Judging articles by their titles, on the other hand, has always been ridiculous.

jonboi242183d ago

You know what it can learn from DMC, don't piss off the fans.....

buffycrp2183d ago

Exactly fan service is the important thing.

princejb1342183d ago

without fans theres no sales and they just dont get that

BitbyDeath2183d ago

The DMC reboot is not even out yet, they can learn nothing from which is currently vapourware.

redDevil872183d ago

You have a misconception of what vapourware is.

Also they can learn a few things:

>Don't piss off the fanbase
>Don't change a character loved by millions
>Don't keep changing your mind about when the story takes place and what it's about

BitbyDeath2183d ago

But for all we know it might work out for the best. Once the game releases it may be back to it's glory days in terms of gameplay and story.

Just sayin, i think it's too early to brand DMC with anything until the game is released.

MariaHelFutura2183d ago

Vapourware is something that has been canned/is not coming out.

8 days for example is vapourware.

BitbyDeath2183d ago

My bad, i'd edit but i do not have the option...

princejb1342183d ago

they actually can
i remember in infamous 2 they was gonna change the cole look tremendously
so sucker punch ended up changing it to a more similar cole the fans loved for part 1
this is a example of listening to the fans

Magnus2183d ago

Halo and DMC are in to different fields its like comparing Mario to COD.

zerocrossing2183d ago

Is it, how to alienate the fanbase and completely change the design of iconic characters?

Tanir2183d ago

lol 4 real. ima play it anyway but dang wtf hahaha.

zerocrossing2183d ago

I actualy like the character design for new Dante, it would just be better if it was a new IP IMO.

Lord_Sloth2183d ago

^ That's what I keep saying. If it were a new IP, I'd be lookin forward to it.

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