Remember that PSN game, Snakeball?

PS3Fanboy writes: "Snakeball was originally scheduled for release on the PSN last summer. And then it mysteriously vanished, never to be seen or heard from again.

Wait. But we just spotted an update to the US PlayStation website which highlights screenshots from the long-forgotten PSN game. Could it be coming up for a surprise stealth release? This downloadable title is inspired by the ubiquitous Snake, popularized by its overabundant presence in early cell phones. With sharp visuals, a cute style, and support for four-player split-screen multiplayer, there's a lot to be excited about. And do we see support for the Eye? Yes we do".

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xplosneer3781d ago

The trailer showed up last week on PSN...That's not a sign?

Darkiewonder3781d ago

I got an email from the US Playstation.

But hey. 2 PSN games won't kill anyone right? ;o

Killjoy30003780d ago

i really want this game real bad

kspraydad3780d ago

...if it is though I can finally stop playing snake on my nokia :)

aiphanes3780d ago

Looks like a good week...i bet we get a firmware update this week too...

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