The 12 Greatest Game Toilets Of All Times

12. Prey (2K Games; 2006)
Cleanliness factor: 0/10
Realism factor: 10/10
This toilet looks like Kirstie Alley and Bruce "Hollywood Squares" Vilanch were trying to spell out the words STAR JONES on it with their rectums after a midnight Arby's run. Forget trying to clean this place: Just scatter some jet fuel, light a match, and move to the next-closest state.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3782d ago

Speaking of which, excuse me for a few moments... :)

kurochi3782d ago

should be a website that critiques toilet from all over the world......

It should be called: WWW.DUMP-SITES.COM


Shadow Flare3782d ago

how brilliant is that. Top 12 best in-game toilets. And to think, i was actually looking forward to seeing what no. 1 was. I wasnt dissapointed though lol. Man i thought this article was for the top 12 toilets gamers converted into gamerooms. Cant believe they left out the toilets in mgs1 though. No. 5 in the article was a pretty good toilet. Turdriffic

Vip3r3782d ago

This story is soon to go down the pan...

*ba dum tshhh*

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The story is too old to be commented.