Star Wars: The Old Republic has 1.7 million active subscribers and sold more than 2 million units

According to Electronic Arts Q3 FY12 Financial Results the company Has More Than 1.7 Million Active Subscribers playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and more than 2 million units sold in a litte over one month since launch...

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SnakeCQC2387d ago

hopefully this goes free to play in a year :p

Panthers2387d ago

God I hope not. And I dont see that happening. This game is doing really well.

SnakeCQC2387d ago

dc universe did that and they are doing even better. People actually do pay for extra content especially with mmos

noxeven2387d ago

Now did they cover the cost with there 1.7 mill active. i cant remember if they need 2mill sales or 2mill subs to get what they needed

Panthers2387d ago

If they already covered the cost in less than 2 months then that is awesome.

kevnb2387d ago

They needed 500 000 subs

Panthers2387d ago

Im loving this game. Still dont have a max level yet, but leveling is a blast. And the new content has been rolling out very fast.