The Potential of One Console

How practical would it be for two giants to forge a partnership and rule the gaming world together?

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SilentNegotiator2242d ago

Yeah, then they can force us to hook our brains up to the system as the latest form of DRM/pass, we can be "blessed" with the right to pay $100 a year to play online, and no new IPs will even be necessary.

Competition is good. Console communism is an awful idea.

MultiConsoleGamer2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

One console future is bad for consumers.

One console future is the sort of pipe dream promoted by fanboys hoping their favorite company will lead the one console future. (See also NeoGAF, aka SonyGAF, they're a big supporter of this idea.)

One console future will never happen. One day consoles will be repleced by "something else." And although "something else" will play video games, it wont be called or considered a "game console."

The future is a scary place for gamers...

Bounkass2242d ago

I'd say go for it MicroSony. You'll always miss if you don't shoot...

DigitalAnalog2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

It would cause a monopoly on it's business practice. Without a competing console, innovations are at a bare minimum worse of all, we may not even have a D-pad had game consoles been under 1 banner. And that is a truly scary thought.

gcolley2241d ago

competition is what pushes new tech

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