StickSkills: Syndicate Demo Impressions writes, "Early yesterday, the demo for the upcoming shooter Syndicate was released to the general online public for download. EA and developer Starbreeze have put out quite a few trailers and gameplay videos for the game, but how well does the demo perform?"

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rodellison2392d ago

I will be getting the game (as I've always been somewhat of an old school Syndicate fan), That said, there are some things that I'm not sure I agree with here. The AI in the demo (and as evidenced by the vid) are NOT that smart. While they do come find you if you're hiding in cover, for the most part once they are being shot at by the player, they seem to just stand in front of you like a shooting gallery until they go down.
Hitting 'x' to get ammo.. why? since the ammo crates are usually at a point where you are safe anyway (and don't take any time to restock), why not just have it auto-restock as you walk up to the crate?
In many cases, when you're shot to the point of needing revived.. you're standing straight up and hunched over. I found that looking a bit distracting and odd, as if all the enemies will ignore you while you're slowly moving around. I know its nitpicking, but I want this game to succeed. I just think that the coop demonstrated that repeated playthroughs will probably be limited as the AI doesn't really do anything dynamic to change things up.

HacSawJimThugin2392d ago

I've grown tired of FPS but this on is definitely on my radar. The demo was cool and I'm looking forward to getting it in on this.