EA: Origin Has Generated $100 Million in Sales with 9.3M Registered Consumers

EA today updated its numbers on the growing Origin digital distribution service. While Valve's Steam probably has nothing to worry about just yet, EA's Origin is doing well for itself with 9.3 million registered consumers since launch, which has led to over $100 million in non-GAAP revenues for the publisher.

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fluffydelusions2332d ago

Yeah but some of it's no surprise since it's all digital and they can avoid a ton of fees from not having physical copies etc.

Heartnet2332d ago

they gotta pay for servers to be up 24/7 + maitenence and constant updates though so i doubt the pricing for that jaz would make little difference

fluffydelusions2332d ago

@above yes I know but I'd wager that cost is cheaper than all the costs involved in physical media.

TheIneffableBob2332d ago

Sure, but with retail you have to pay to press the discs and make the boxes, then you ship it off to a warehouse where you store the game, then you have people box up the games and then ship it off to the store.

Upkeep costs for physical is much higher than digital.

BattleAxe2332d ago

Cool story EA.. Steam has over 40 Million users :D

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adorie2332d ago

ugh. i wish origin would crash and burn. i also wish ea would be divested and Valve take all their good studios under their wing..... then i woke up.

Theo11302332d ago

That's largely due to starwars and battlefield 3; which no doubt were going to sell well, but for origins to be a viable online platform it needs to have similar 3rd party sales.

KillerPwned2332d ago

I was just gonna say this exact same thing man so yeah completely agree.

Heartnet2332d ago

its already viable as EA makes a ton of games lol especially since they range from different genres and styles... doesnt need 3rd party if it can produce these kinds of results from a few games lol

Razor7922332d ago

It only generates sales and users because you HAVE NO CHOICE but to use the crap if you buy an EA game. If it was optional I guarantee hardly anybody would use it.

Heartnet2332d ago

It is completely optional.. just go and buy the physical copy and for most games it bypasses it completely...

and wasnt making it mandatory for digital downloads for EA completely the point of making it? if it was optional ofc no1 would use it as the games would be on gamefly or steam....

which is why EA only sell their games on origin now :) and gamefly (d2d) was a nice service with a decent amount of followers whilst steam was out so ya never know.. people might still have used it :)

BrutallyBlunt2332d ago

The same can be said about exclusive games on consoles. Most if not all games available on Origin are also sold at retail such as Amazon. EA games are also available on various platforms.

h311rais3r2332d ago

Only game that forces its use is bf3. Stop spewing nonsense

Pikajew2332d ago

And how much of those are active users? I have an Origine account because I once made and EA account and never use it.

Lulz_Boat2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

9.29M ONLY because of battlefield 3

nice shot.

kevnb2332d ago

star wars sold alot too.

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