An in-depth interview with Andy Gavin, the founder of Naughty Dog, and creator of Crash Bandicoot.

Andy Gavin reflects and looks back on Crash Bandicoot, and Naughty Dog - calling Crash '...the really hot girlfriend that you dumped... then years later you run into here only to find she's a hooker with a crack problem'. He also offers some interesting perspectives on the games industry, drawing from his experiences - finally going on to tell us more about what he's doing now, as a novelist - and how creating worlds has always been one of his great passions.

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thedude442388d ago

i want a new crash so bad

nam3d2388d ago

Great article, I want the new Crash!

raytraceme2388d ago

I NEED a NEW Crash Bandicoot Game!!!

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adorie2388d ago

imagine a new Crash owned and made by Naughty Dog/Sony

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