Top 10 Best Consoles Ever

There have been a lot of consoles released in our time...from the Atari all the way up to the Wii. Which ones do 411 columnist Derek Robbins deem to be the top ten best ever? This edition of the 10th Hour fills you in!

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stunt2133814d ago

r u kidding me they put dreamcast but theres no n64

ddldave3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

no n64? it had the greatest games, perfect dark, goldeneye, zelda ocarina of time, wtf? and 360 is in there and the console war isn't even at half-way yet? oh wait, i just read number 10, lol it has 360 fanboy written all over it. the reason is he wrote that 360 is going to win the console war when the console war hasn't reached half-way yet, and he's already jumping to conclusions, it's opinion but fanboy opinion is worse. i guess this list isn't worth reading, don't waste your time.

FadeToBlack3813d ago

I seriouly doubt a 360 fanboy would rank the PS2 as the #1 console.

Bladestar3814d ago

People... remember... this article is talking about "Game" Consoles... uhh.. that have the best games currently available...

solidt123814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Oh so I see. Its based on games available on the system. In that case Yeah the PS2 is number one. Im surprised the Sega Dreamcast beat out the Xbox 360 but Im not sure how many games was released on it. Either way it was risky puting the 360 in the list because of the RroD

mikeslemonade3814d ago

PS2 should be #1 and PS1 should be #2. The best system is directly related to the number of sales.

YoungKingDoran3814d ago

so according to mike's logic the wii is the best system this generation so far...
he said it not me! quote him!
p.s...i love my wii

whateva3814d ago

will not die it keeps going and going like the energizer bunny.

TwissT3814d ago

10 years from now our children or our children's children will look at the ps2 as a "classic gaming console."

resistance1003814d ago

10. Xbox 360
9. Gameboy Colour
8. Sega Dreamcast
7. NES
6. GBA
5. Sega Mega Drive
4. Nintendo DS
3. Playstation 1
1. Playstation 2

Just a question where is the N64? That IMO is one of the top 5 consoles ever

Danja3814d ago

Im wondering the same thing wheres the 64>>?

what is the 360 doing in the top 10..?

3 Nintendo handhelds were not needed on the list since the latter two are backward compatible

BLUR1113814d ago

i agree that n64 should be on there and also i think xbox 360 beats gameboy come on

Method3814d ago

The lack of Dreamcast and N64 in top5 makes this list autofail.

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The story is too old to be commented.