Let's Play: Twisted Metal Demo [HD]

Let's Play of the Twisted Metal demo. Featuring all the vehicles in the game.

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olLANDSHARKlo2358d ago

C'mon $ony fanboys, let's be honest with yourselves, this game is in no way exiciting, another exclusive that just proves sony is worried about quantity over quality. Is this kid that is humoring himself, the prototypical sony fanboy? I mean this game has nothing to offer how f'in boring.

BX812358d ago

I find it boring but you can't expect everyone else to share your opinion. I personally don't like the game but it's proven to have a fan base that does.

Rainstorm812358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

You are one of the biggest 360 fanboys on this site hating on everything PS3 and PC.

Here's an Idea....You dont like a game? DONT PLAY IT or troll in articles about it...........problem solved

Quantity over quality??? So i guess Gears, Fable, Halo and Forza are the only console exclusives worth buying/playing huh? LMAO... my how the fanboy tables have turned since 06-08....

2358d ago
TheBeast2358d ago

The game was fun once I got into the mulitpalyer portion :P Can't wait for the story.

Abdou232358d ago

Personally i have no interest what so ever in this game. Call Of Duty with vehicles ? No,Thank You.

antz11042358d ago

Wow......that was probably the worst comparison I've seen in a long time. Seriously, that makes no sense at all.

2358d ago
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