Will Resident Evil 6 Deliver?

IGN: Almost three years after its predecessor shipped to stores, Capcom pulled back the curtain on Resident Evil 6. Judging by its debut trailer and a variety of news we've exclusively reported, this will be the most ambitious installment in the famed horror series yet.

RE 6 has been quite the topic of conversation at the IGN offices, so we gathered a variety of editors to share their thoughts. We not only asked about the upcoming game, but about the franchise as a whole.

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jacksonmichael1578d ago

I have it on good authority that it will be takeout only.

DarkBlood1577d ago

i see what they did there lol

rawrockkillz1577d ago

Now I will never look at that logo the same ever again...

SKUD1577d ago

LMAO. The secret is out.

Blaine1577d ago

A better question would have been:

Will they change their logo?

ChocolateGiddyUp1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

They should just fully embrace it.

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DarkBlood1577d ago

it will deliver for me in my eyes at least

Myst1577d ago

Well you have three ways to play so it will deliver to most, yet those three ways may not be enough for those that enjoy one over the others so perhaps. Either way it most likely will some gripes here and there but that is to be expected.

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