TGR: Contra 4 Review 7.9/10

"Back in the day, when I was young, and the Nintendo Entertainment System was the only console you needed; Contra was the must-have action title that was every bit as compelling as Gears of War is today. Contra was challenging, had two player co-op, tight controls, and great visuals relative to the competition. Well, it seems that Konami still cherishes those glorious days, because Contra 4 is virtually identical to the original games in the series in practically every respect. Your ability to enjoy Contra 4 will therefore be dependent on your reverence for exceedingly difficult two dimensional shooter action that feels so much like one of the classic Contra games; it could have been developed 20 years ago." (David Keating, TheGameReviews)

Score: 7.9/10

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TwissT3746d ago

I really wanna play this game since the original kicked so much @ss.

donalbane3745d ago

It's really good, but man... get ready for a challenge. I like a challenging game every now and then, though.

MK_Red3745d ago

Contra 4 DS is easily a 9/10 game IMO and they are just being harsh because game's difficulty was harsh to them. THE must have title of DS.