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Expensive it may be, but the PS Vita offers the best mobile gaming experience around. Its OLED screen is simply divine, and the whole device’s performance belies its diminutive size. It may not set the world alight, but if you’re a serious gamer then it will undoubtedly yours.

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Ares84HU2305d ago

You can say that again!! Finally a handheld that has two analog sticks!

Knight_Cid2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

you cant say that really without it meaning anything until the end of its life and we see what its total sales were, what its libary was like, how many exclusives it got, ect

CarlitoBrigante2305d ago

No 5/5?

Fail site I will never visit you again, not that I ever visited you.

Godchild10202305d ago

They gave a reason why they didn't give it a 5 out of 5.

"So happy, in fact, that in terms of score, we did consider giving the PS Vita 5 out of 5. But that would assume that there isn’t room to grow. We already know that Sony will be adding new features and expanding many of the PS Vita’s aspects, especially its non-gaming ones, over time, so our final opinion reflects that. This is only the beginning."

Fel082305d ago

I don't think u will be missed.

CarlitoBrigante2305d ago

For all the disagree fairees, why did you disagree?

Elaborate please, please explain to me why Vita doesn't deserve a 5/5? What feature do you think its missing?

Half-Mafia2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

First thing is to read the review and not just look at the score, then you will see why its not a 5/5.

h311rais3r2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

The fact that it's not a 5/5. A 5/5 would new a much longer battery life for one 4-6 gaming hours is really low. Need more? It seems with you any play station product that doesnt get a 5/5 u complain. Freaking fanboys r a cancer.

PCE2305d ago

"Elaborate please, please explain to me why Vita doesn't deserve a 5/5? What feature do you think its missing?"

Because You Didn't Read It.

jukins2305d ago

I agree with your why no 5/5. as for the other comment about "fail site" i'll take that as sarcasm haha. Maybe its just me but when i see something rated or reviewed 5/5, or A/A it doesnt mean its absolutely perfect because nothing can be. it just means, again to me, that the object in question is very very very good and anyone intrested in said object (device, game,move,book) should definetly take notice.

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one2thr2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

I for one don't believe that its expensive, especially for what it can do and more...
The tech within it makes it technical marvel within the mobile/handheld gaming world... Day one for me folks :)

TBM2305d ago

my damn droid charge cost more than this ($300), i dont get why these media people keep saying stupid things like this.

oh well i have mine paid in full just waiting for the release date to hit :)

GuruStarr782305d ago

yeah, it's actually priced very well for what you're getting...


(1st ed. bundle)

josephayal2305d ago

Oh boy i can't wait for my FAT VITA

MasterCornholio2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Isn't the Vita slimmer than the 3DS and the PSP3000?


smashcrashbash2305d ago

Finally, a non hate VITA article. There have been less and less of them these days.

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