Joystiq hands-on: God of War: Chains of Olympus

Joystiq writes: "We got a chance to try an updated version of the upcoming PSP-exclusive God of War: Chains of Olympus and walked away impressed, yet again. Somehow, the tech team at Ready at Dawn has managed to make the game look even more stunning than the demo disc version earlier this year".

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Kain813781d ago

this will be an awesome Game.
And for the PS3: kratos will Finsh the Fight.

TwissT3781d ago

God of War 1 and 2 were soo awesome on the ps2, I bet Chains of Olympus will be awesome on the psp.

DJ3781d ago

PSP devs are now working with hardware that's slightly more powerful than the PS2. Less storage capacity, but it's still a huge advantage. Sadly, the clockspeed is enforced back down to 222 Mhz when using Wi-Fi, so multiplayer has yet to be upgraded.

Gondee3781d ago

if this is ture. Im gona love to see GT psp

40cal3781d ago

No shyt! I thought the demo looked great and now it looks better. My hats off to Ready at Dawn for the great job thay are doing with this game. Kratos is the baddest mufukr in tha wooorrld.

Kain813781d ago

that Ready at Dawn, plan a new Franchise for Playstation 3 and the PSP.
Sorry but i dont know where i read this rumor

clevernickname3781d ago

Am I the only one having problems playing back PSP specific game videos from Joystiq? I have tried three different computers, including my Mac and the framerate is pathetic on all three very powerful machines.

I don't get it.

Anyway, from what I did see, especially the underwater sequences, the visuals have been ramped up even further than what we saw on the demo.