Albatross Revue | Resident Evil 4 (HD) Review

In anticipation for Resident Evil 6, Albatross Revue replays an old favorite with a fresh lick of paint.

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suicidalblues2269d ago

I don't care what reason you give. A review this late has no reason to exist. There's enough "filler" on this site already.

AlbatrossRevue2267d ago

The biggest issue with this site is that stories from IGN, Eurogamer and the other big sites who really don't need the publicity are constantly on the front page not that smaller sites like ours do retro reviews.

Our review was written and put up for two reasons 1. This year's Q1 really is the winter of survival horror; 2. this year has three Resident Evil releases and looking back at an older one that has recently had the old HD brush all over it seemed like a good idea.

Tokyo_reject2269d ago

A bit late there pall.....

AlbatrossRevue2267d ago

Not really pal (see spelt pal, only one 'l') see our reply above for the reasoning

flappersack2269d ago

Wish there was a way to block old reviews from appearing. Its getting beyond a joke.

AlbatrossRevue2267d ago

No-one forces you to read them, if you don't like a post don't read it, simple.

The thing that's really beyond a joke is people like you waggling their epeen all over while safely hiding behind a keyboard and anonymous user name.