MP1st | Syndicate Co-op Demo Impressions

MP1st - "Honestly, I haven’t been following Starbreeze Studios’s modern FPS take on Bullfrogs Productions’ 1993 real-time tactical game, Syndicate, very closely up until now. Upon downloading the recent demo for my Xbox 360 to see what this bad boy was all about, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised."

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Blaine2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

What's with the look speed acceleration? That *alone* ruined my experience with the demo. It's cool that you get the option to both adjust the look speed and acceleration individually... except their system is broken.

I figured I'd set the look speed to max and the acceleration to minimum (because I hate acceleration--I wanted it OFF), but then my crosshairs barely moved at all. I mean it would have taken a half hour to do a 360. So you can't have acceleration off. I spent the next half-hour (not doing a 360) trying to find the right setting, but I couldn't do it.

Give me the option to turn acceleration OFF and I'll give it another chance.