'Skyrim' patch 1.4 hits Steam, PS3 and Xbox 360 soon

XMNR: Bethesda feels confident enough in the 1.4 patch for the PC version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that it brought the patch out of beta testing for a full Steam release on Wednesday. The company also revealed that the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game shouldn't be far behind.

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young juice2362d ago

is this gonna fix the ps3 picture book problem?

Queasy2362d ago

That's supposed to be one of the improvements.

"Long term play optimizations for memory and performance (PS3)"

admiralthrawn872362d ago

wait and see first. i'm more excited about steam workshop and creation kit mods finally. gonna be some nice mods.

Queasy2361d ago

@admiralthrawn87 There are some nice mods already. But you're right, the Creation Kit will make things easier to mod and the Steam Workshop integration will make it easier for players to get all the content.

CarlitoBrigante2361d ago

Too little too late, platinummed the game.

Shame I got the platinum trophy for this piece of sh1t of a broken game. I shouldve never bothered playing it. My savefile was over 16mbs and when there was fighting going on my fps literally dropped to 1-2

Yeah give me all your hatred disagree fairees, Dark Souls anyday for me

Noticeably_FAT2362d ago

Just get the Xbox 360 version, that's had no issues whatsoever.

ziggurcat2362d ago

i've been thinking for a while now that i should have gotten it for the X360 instead of PS3... bought it day one, haven't played it because of bethesda's colossal f**k-up.

MysticStrummer2362d ago

Noticeable troll. I guess you'd better call Bethesda and tell them they shouldn't keep patching all the non-existent problems they've acknowledged are there.

fooxy2362d ago

Yes, xbox version is flawless. I'll wait till end of the year. maybe they will fix majority of issues and game should be around $30 by then

thedude442362d ago

@noticeably fat, yeah the 360 version has problems as well. go on the bethesda forums. and there is no way im buying the 360 version of skyrim over the ps3 version because i like the ps3 controller more and for the trophies. i also just generally prefer the ps3 console as a whole.

zeal0us2362d ago

I hope that's sarcasm

I'm still getting lag
Dead dragons won't go away.
Numerous quest is bugged.
Some of the dragons I meet still flying like they are drunk or retarded.

CarlitoBrigante2361d ago

No, 360 has Red Ring of Death wich is far worse, PC version is the best and is Full HD

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thedude442362d ago

hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

ziggurcat2362d ago

i'm not confident that any of the performance issues will be fixed in the new patch. they're using words like "optimizations" and "improvements", which leads me to believe that the big issues are still there.

dougr2362d ago

Well, they have really optimized the PC version big time with this latest patch. In places where I was getting 30-35 FPS, I'm now getting 55-60 FPS (this is on a high end machine). I think you guys should be excited for this update, especially on the PS3, because at least for PC, this update has really delivered big time.

ProjectVulcan2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Yup, the boost is truly massive over the original builds of the game. I am seeing 70 percent performance boost after this patch in the hardest hit areas, with my minimum going from 30 to at least 50FPS.

Massive performance boost = well done Bethesda

On the other hand......

This is clearly a case of bad coding and slack optimisation in the launch build. Nobody, NOBODY else is to blame except Bethesda. Getting such a vast boost with this patch means that as the game launched it was clearly not finished properly then, even on PC.

So its a pat on the back after this patch, and a slap on the face for the game launching without this sort of optimisation in the first place....

Olvipoika2362d ago

btw,saying x360 version of skyrim is flawless is not true... i own x360 version of skyrim and framerate can drop low sometimes and its freezes sometimes. playing slim 250gb model ( installed on hd )

Derpy2362d ago

Skyrim on my PC did an update earlier today so I'm guessing that was the update. Mine is at version, now. Can't say I've really noticed any improvements yet. The game ran fine, performance wise on my machine, but the issues I have are stuff like the game keeps switching me between running and walking and save files occasionally disappear. The speed switching problem remains, but I haven't played it enough yet to see if the save file issue is fixed yet.

dc12362d ago

I love the game (PC).. and have not had any of the problems reported over the last few months;
HOWEVER, it is a shame that there are this many fixes and optimizations associated with a third patch on an AAA title.
This cannot be acceptable.

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