Crytek Interview - Mods, Patches, Learned Lessons and PC Exclusivity

The guys at Crytek took the time to answer a couple questions Planet Crysis had about the game post launch. So give it a check out and see what Sten Huebler (Lead Level Designer), Sven Metzger (Community Manager) and Alexander Marschal (Community Manager) had to offer in this interview.

Planet Crysis: Will Crysis remain a PC exclusive or should be all expect console versions sometime in the future?

Sten Huebler: We are working at the moment to make our Engine console ready. Besides that there are no defined plans yet.

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cjp4eva3809d ago

I guess console owners are welcome to a lower graphics game play.

King Eric3809d ago

I'm guessing that the next console to follow the 360 is probably less than 2 years away, 3 at the most. Who's to say that Crysis wouldn't be a launch game for Microsoft's next console. I'm sure whatever they have planned for the next generation will be able to run Crysis on high without any problem with all of the bells and whistles. How long did it take Valve to port Half Life 2 to consoles? The answer is 3 years! I can guarantee there will be better games to come out within that time with better graphics. Crysis is just the start. People act like there will never be anything better than Crysis. The character models on Crysis are not the greatest. I'm sure there are games out there that use much more polygons for their character models. The only thing that looks awesome in Crysis is the foliage. Even the vehicles and stuff like barrels and crates look very Half Life 2 or should I say Half-Ass Too!

Charlie26883809d ago

@King Eric: Do you even have Crysis? or even a computer than can run it decently? or you are just talking about your experience watching those nice screenshot at IGN or some other site?

I have Crysis, I have a computer than can run it at max in DX9 (DX10 performance goes to hell) and I can say in good faith that Crysis rocks and branches in the beach probably have more detail that what many games today use for Character models and lets not even go to the detail in characters and weapons

And yes I have been a PC gamer all my life and that has made me a graphics whore so if Crysis graphics weren't so good be sure as hell ill be saying it too but sadly in this case they are not bad and you must have bad eye sight if you actually believe in what you are saying but I guess I cant expect less since accepting it doesn't fit the agenda of you post

King Eric3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

I knew that people like myself that have invested lots of money in either upgrading or purchasing a new PC would be offended by my comments.
Charlie, please don't get defensive about your purchase. I never said Crysis sucked I just said that not everything is as realistic as the foliage. Yes the rocks and branchs look awesome but what about the rest. You obviously don't know jack about gaming ,computers or graphics for that matter. You are in denial son and need to face reality. Crysis isn't all that! I don't know of anyone that can run this game on high settings in DX10 and get over 40 fps. I can get over 3x's the FPS in games like COD4 or UT3 which I am easily getting over 100 FPS. You sir are an idiot!

Charlie26883809d ago

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! :D
You tell ME I don't know jack about PCs?
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! XD

Look at what YOU bought or should I say BURNED money IN
You crack me up seriously I don't even know what the hell to answer... you are the fool that actually bought a Alienware PC? which lead me to believe or you have a LOT of money to burn or you tray to pass as knowing ANYTHING about PC by going to the store and buying the most expensive...LOL...Alienware LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cuz as probably EVERY SINGLE RESPECTABLE PC gamer knows that you could have probably saved what 40-50% of what you paid for it if you actually build it yourself don't know SH!T about PCs and you probably just posted the specs from the Alienware page (cuz I dont know if you actually bothered putting the "R" in all Alienware names unless you dont even now your spces and had to copy paste them from a page to sound important but na actual PC gamer would have know his specs by heart cuz he probably build it himself and not go copy pasting)

but if you actually bought it...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

this is so hilarious don't worry you will be immortalized as the fool the tried to pretend he know SH!T about PC in the forums by quoting alienware

nice work man seriously nice one you had me in for a good laugh with all the crap you posted from the Crysis has "Half-Ass" graphics later to telling me you burn money on Alienware copy pasting the spces from some page and then pretended you know anything about PCs XD

but god save you if you are laying just to pretend to beat my post cuz that will surely make you look like a desperate retard you know >.>

but sadly at the end you just keep proving my last point in my original post you will NEVER admit that you were wrong and lying about Crysis to meat your fanboy agenda cuz that will make you first post more worthless and fanboyish than it already is...and you don't what keep up the good fight and keep pretending :D

now if you will excuse and will proceed to show this thread to my friend for a good laugh XD

p.s. as friendly advice next time you try to pretend you know dont say you bought a brand one even worse a Aleinware one say you built know what real PC gamers do..that will PROBABLY make what you say sound less like BS and people wont laugh at you face :)

cjp4eva3809d ago

@King Eric awww im srr if i hurt ur xbot feelings ill take it back its ok. just face the fact that it looks better than anything that comes out of xbox or ps3 as of now and probably for most of this gen, oh and by the time your xbox rrod2 comes out Crysis 2 will be out by then too so please stfu with your nonsense.

King Eric3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

WTF do you know? I'll tell you, NOTHING! You don't think a multi billion dollar company like Microsoft isn't going to learn from their mistakes. You better believe it. I'm from the Seattle area and have friends in high places so trust me you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. Go play with Charlie2688 because you have no idea what you are talking about just like her.
You didn't hurt my feelings. I have Crysis and am lucky enough to be able to play it on the highest settings and guess what, it isn't that great. I'm sorry, the foliage is awesome. Other than that the game is average just like the rest. I know you need something to justify your upgrade but Crysis isn't it.

Lotto3809d ago

Rofl eric Hahaha my god lol. Thats like the worst comeback I have ever seen. Could you post your uber Alienware pc spec ?
I am expecting something like 3 prototype cards from the 9000 series that a friend got you for FREE ! XD

King Eric3807d ago

Obviously you are a hardcore PC gamer which I cannot say I am. I play on both PC and console but unfortunately I work a lot and don't have the time to dedicate to building my own PC. I wish I did but at the moment work comes first and gaming doesn't come as often as I would like. Crysis is an awesome game don't get me wrong and it's looks better than anything out at the moment. I just wish there were more games like Crysis.

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gamesblow3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

What I love... Crysis bombed hard! I mean huge... It still hasn't shipped a hundred thousand yet... Uncharted has over 400,000 world wide on a 7 million install base, shipped on the 19th of november to the u.s and last week to U.K. and it bombed??? ahhahahaha... The pc user base is 50x's to 70x's that of the ps3's and yet, Crysis falls under no scrutiny

socomnick3809d ago

yea but the amount of people that can run crysis is much much much smaller. I hope crysis doesnt end up being a flop like uncharted. I applaud the developers for taking risk and making a game that pushes the limits of todays hardware.

led10903809d ago

dude those are just us sales man lol i'm easily guessing arnd 250-300k worldwide

Ju3809d ago

Its just a known fact, if you want to sell numbers (and reduce maintenance costs) you sell a game for consoles. Leave UC outa there, would you ? It did not bomb (just swallow that and don't argue).

While I believe, Crysis might not reach its visual detail level on consoles, if it could match UCs visuals, that would do for me. And it would sell 10x more copies. They still could sell it for PCs, for you guys with the big ... aehm ...ego, but it would certainly help the companies behind the title to make some real money and invest into the future.

- But, yeah, seems like some people take things to personally and feel offended if a title sells more copies on consoles (UT3 - don't give me that - "but that is such a bad version" - who cares ?) and become defensive not playing that game at all. Your loss. The additional consoles sales would secure the survival of companies like Crytek just that you guys can enjoy Crysis on your "ricks".

fermcr3809d ago

To make PC games profitable it has to have publicity in the game... most of the pc gamers download the pitated version of the game. So a way to make money with games in the PC is publicity in the game... even if you download the pirated version, it stils has publicity. Publicity can pay the game because there are going to be millions of people downloading the game and playing.

antoinetm3809d ago

good point there.

btw gamesblow, dont be happy cause crysis bombed. its still a great game and it raises the bar (just like the ps3 u preciously love) so lets just wish that these guys adapt their engine to the ps3 :)

PC gamers can be found playing their 360 thats all.

OOG FunK3809d ago

less people can handle a game like crysis on their pc then there is consoles out there.....and the fact of illegal downloading.....and well pcs are never huge sellers in the first place...usually they cant compete with consoles

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