Xbox Positioned to 'Lead the Way Forward' in Consoles, says Analyst

Xbox 360 in the last couple years has moved more and more into entertainment beyond games, and it would appear that trend will continue with next-gen. According to analyst and marketing expert Scott Steinberg, Microsoft has an advantage over both Sony and Nintendo because of this broader entertainment focus.

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donniebaseball2359d ago

Xbox has momentum now for sure, but it's too early to say what will happen in next gen.

GribbleGrunger2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

what do you mean by momentum? every Christmas the 360 sales in America put it first in the worldwide sales. this is swiftly followed by the PS3 outselling the 360 every week for the rest of the year... and this year too so far. that's momentum

once again you and others are being fooled by a site only concentrating on American sales.

Cocozero2359d ago

360 has been ahead WW ever since Kinect launched go check Sony/MS financial reports for proof.

GribbleGrunger2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

what are you talking about? the gap has reduced from 8 million to 3 million and continues to shrink. what are you going to say when the PS3 is even by the end of this year? are you still going to believe that nonsense? where are you getting this idea from? you just can't keep convincing yourself of these things.

hellzsupernova2359d ago

no offence but weve been hearing the ps3 going to surpass 360 argument for the last 3 years fact is AMerica is the biggest consumer in the world fact is Microsoft saturates the market with advertising and makes the american consumer think its aweosme and fact is they have a good product with a few flaws that stop me buying a new one. Paid online and lack of titles i want to play are the reason i will not buy another 360. but they do know how to market

IRetrouk2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

how many of those 360s still work though? the rrod was bad, i bet the actual number of working 360s are lower than that of the ps3

disagree all you want its true, i went through 5 originals and 1 resident evil one and im not the only person that its happened to,the new machines are better but rrod still happened to the originals, if it wasnt for micro replacing the systems i wouldnt be a 360 gamer anymore. like it or not the number of working 360 systems will be far lower than the 66 mill they have sold.

Frankfurt2359d ago

2007 was supposed to be the year of the PS3. Then 2008. Then 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Next gen will roll around, and Sony fans will STILL be saying "this will be the year of the PS3, just you wait".

ZippyZapper2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Cocozero this is N4G you know they ignore the facts, and reality.

Disccordia2359d ago

Regardless of when/whether ps3 overtakes in WW sales the fact is the market share has swung dramatically in MS favour. Considering they were outsold by 100 million units last gen they've really established the Xbox brand this time around.

Biggest2359d ago

"2007 was supposed to be the year of the PS3. Then 2008. Then 2009, 2010 and 2011."

The games released and to be release definitely corroborate that statement. The sales data from those years definitely corroborate that statement.

pc_masterrace2359d ago

Have they lead the way this generation? The last? I see MS has that bullsh*t machine humming along nicely.

Brosy2359d ago Show
GribbleGrunger2359d ago

brosy, dear chap. noone said they didn't lead over the PS3. just keep your eyes open when that gap keeps on shrinking and don't pretend otherwise. that's all that annoys me. it's easy to call someone a fanboy in order to discredit them, but a fanboy is someone who just won't accept the truth. the truth is that the gap has shrunk because the PS3 has outsold the 360 for the last 4 years. please, for goodness sake stop this. it's embarrassing to watch people like you going through it.

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darthv722359d ago

the momentum is driven by their advertising and continued persistence to be in the popular culture. Both good press and bad. MS is trying to do what Sony did with being showcased in movies and tv shows.

Granted Sony had the edge because it was almost a guarantee that you would see a PSX in a sony picture. MS is counting on this not so obvious type of advertising to keep the momentum going.

Creating buzz around such things as the kinect to get people to "jump in" that have not yet moved from the ps2 gen into current. MS has been working on the tv media center thing since the days of the web tv. So no surprise they are leveraging their experience in that with windows and making their live service more entertainment center oriented.

Sony is no slouch either. Their experience in making rock solid systems the last couple of gens is still something people look for as well. Both companies are learning from each other and trying to blur that line between gaming that was always associated with just kids (aka fun & games) and making a real effort to having everyone get involved.

Lead does not necessarily mean sell the most but more about getting things done that others take notice of.

iceman062359d ago

Excellent assessment of the MS strategy. The Xbox is now the go to name for casuals and outsiders when they refer to a gaming system. How many times have we seen a console get so much press in regular, everyday news? They have done a great job, business-wise, of placing themselves in the competitive position to lead the next generation. However, the caveat to this is that now THEY will be in the position to actually lead. They now have the mind-share and that comes with a huge responsibility. The focus will be on them...much like Sony coming into this generation. They will now have to prove that they ARE a leading company and not just in it for the cash grab. Sure, all businesses are in it for money...but along the way some actually DO try to leave industry better than when they arrived. Either way, it should be interesting.

Drekken2359d ago

Momentum? Xbox is a joke that has dwindled its user base down to casuals that love to flail. It is a joke.

You guys that think the 52% of the original MILLIONS of machines that are still counted as operational count towards a lead are delusional.

I really hate the fact that an inferior console is king of my home (USA). Its really shameful.

KMCROC542359d ago

would you rather the product of a foreign country be king in your country.

darthv722359d ago

I am sure by that you mean the Wii? It isnt uncommon for the system that is out in front is the least powerful of the pack. It has been that way since the 2600.

A few instances where the more technical has lead but mostly it is the least technical that sells the most.

Captain Qwark 92359d ago

sorry dude but the wii owns them both. beyond that 360 is a great product despite the huge stumbles it had in the beginning. both the 360 and ps3 have their flaws and their perfections which is why we need both. im not sure the 360 will lead next gen if it doesn't step it up in the software department, its lack of exclusives is becoming a little ridiculous at this point but it still wont stop me from buying the new one since i like the UI, controller, and live significantly better than xmb, psn, and the playstation controller. ill just do what i do now and buy multiplats for the next box and ps4 i will use for its exclusives

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slampunk2358d ago

I was a sony fan for PS1 and 2 and never played a single game on the original xbox......but....

Sony have failed miserably this gen from a business side of things..... i think between last gen and this gen they have lost around 50% of their market shar to MS.......There online was horrific early this gen and although it's ok now i'd still prefer to pay for Xbox live....

The architecture of the PS3 was an absolute failure......just look at how long it took developers to get the most out of the system (except for some exclusives such as UC) MS has also gained multiplatform rights to some / most old PS exclusives and nearly all multiplats are better on 360.......failure sony.....why make it hard for developers...???? fail

The controller was such a bad design too......I always loved the ps2 controller...but....The triggers which are barely used are bypassed by developers as primary buttons in most cases......this is not by choice as i'm sure they're meant to be used like the 360 triggers.....

PS move......LOL....enough said......If sony could swap move for kinect would they? of course they would.......Fail again sony.....

To sony's credit they have invested heavily in producing some good exclusive games for the system over the last 2 years but i think this was in an attempt to try and claw back there losses from early this gen, not just for their fanbase.....Add to that the fact that PS3 exclusives sell very poorly such as Resistance 3!!! which is now dead!!!!

Online again

I know if i was an investor which company i'd be investing with......MS taking 40-50% market share in 1 gen makes MS the clear winner this gen......

If at the end of last gen, you told sony they would lose the amount of market share they have this gen, they probably would have laughed in your face.....

My loyalty isn't with one system / company and i'm glad that MS have now got the market share they have......Why......more competition means for money spent on us, the consumers.....

Bring on next gen..........

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thedude442359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

they want to lead the way without buying much studios and releasing timed dlc?not happening.

Disccordia2359d ago

Microsoft have one studio less than Sony now.....

morkendo232359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )


no offence but weve been hearing the ps3 going to surpass 360 argument for the last 3 years fact is AMerica is the biggest consumer in the world fact is Microsoft saturates the market with advertising and makes the american consumer think its aweosme and fact is they have a good product with a few flaws that stop me buying a new one. Paid online and lack of titles i want to play are the reason i will not buy another 360. but they do know how to market
............................. ............................... ............................... ...............
MICROSOFT may have saturated american consumers with their lies and OUTRAGES advertisments but NEVER!!!! once has it compeled me to buy a 360 plus pay online service killed me, having the thought of paying for what sony offer for free is CRAZY.

thedude442359d ago

same here man, its sad though that many much of america is brainwashed so easily. well said.

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StrongMan2359d ago

YOU are the controller.

smashcrashbash2358d ago

Kinect is for the hardcore too. 'rolls eyes'

KeybladeMaster2359d ago

Lol.... oh.... this wasn't a joke?

francknara62359d ago

Lead the Video Game Industry without Games.


metsgaming2359d ago

timed exclusive demo ftw ! /s

kurochi2359d ago

well said, you two..... LMFAO

iceman062359d ago

Actually, it has worked thus far. MS has managed to assert itself as THE console to have. Mind-share is powerful marketing. When the average person thinks of playing games (not hardcore gamers, but suburban soccer mom) they now utter Xbox as the console of choice. This is HUGE marketing dollars and pop culture penetration at it's best. You don't really need games if your "target" audience doesn't truly care about games. This is NOT to say that it will work again. They will NEED the hardcore gamers to really launch their system. That will require their go to IP's AND something fresh and original.
I have not been convinced to buy and Xbox or 360. But, I have to admire what they have been able (somehow...someway) to accomplish in such a short time in the gaming industry.

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