Skyrim DLC: Will Bethesda ever top Shivering Isles?

CVG- "Todd Howard, Skyrim's executive producer, says he wants to create DLC that 'makes the game better'. An ambitious claim, but Bethesda has a track record of releasing (horse armour aside) quality, substantial DLC - including Oblivion's Shivering Isles, and Fallout 3's Point Lookout. So, what will Skyrim's actually be like? Here's our wishlist."

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zeal0us2388d ago

Sure they can.

Let the player go to war against or with the Thalmor.

I wouldn't mind going into another daedric prince realm.

arnyftw2387d ago

Actually I thought it would be cool if they had a cyrodil dlc. With Oblivion gates and stuff. Of course not the whole thing, but maybe half.

snowb4202387d ago

I actually liked Knights of The Nine better than Shivering Isles. Guess I just preferred being the leader of something over being an errand boy (at least I remember basically being an errand boy) for Sheogorath.

josephayal2387d ago

This game needs some guns like ak47 and online multiplayer

GaMErFoLife882387d ago

more werewolf quest like the histroy an back stories of some kickass werewolf leaders kings anytihng works. also we now know Bethseda can make a character change into beasts, so why not bring in some werebears or werebores into the game. they would be fun for daedra quest an perfect to see some other daedra relams.

power to the werebeasts!!

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