Composer of GTA: IV and GTA: San Andreas - Michael Hunter Returns to GTA: V reports: "With GTA: V on the horizon, and more information being looked for every day by us the avid fans. We occasionally forget to look for some basic information that really impacts the way we listen to the games we play. While digging around the web, I found out that Micheal Hunter has been confirmed to be part of the GTA series again. Which really is not a surprise, he's an excellent composer best known for his work on the GTA titles since GTA:SA & GTA:IV."

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Errod882276d ago

That cool his great composer love those theme songs..

Hisiru2275d ago

I miss Radio Espantoso and Lips 106

OMEGAZONE2276d ago

Excellent news, the GTAIV theme is one of my favorite pieces of gaming music from the past 20 years.

wAnxTa2276d ago

Give us another masterpiece like Gta 4's theme.

Ezio20482276d ago

i bet it will be even great...=D

Ezio20482276d ago

i even loved the music in GTA V trailer...