Who Actually Won Mortal Kombat?

Dan Ryckert, GameInformer- "The gaming industry is no stranger to convoluted storylines, with series like Metal Gear Solid and Xenosaga leaving many fans scratching their heads. If there’s one corner of gaming with more incomprehensible story arcs than all the others, it’s the fighting genre. They often feature a roster of dozens, each with their own motives, origins, endings, and relationships with other characters.

Mortal Kombat can be one of the most confusing, with its numerous realms, powers, alternate storylines, and return appearances of seemingly dead characters. Even though I’m a lifelong fan of the long-running series, I wasn’t even sure who actually won the various Mortal Kombat tournaments in the canon. After doing some internet scrounging consisting of YouTube videos, fan forums, wiki entries, and more, I'm closer to understanding who the victors of Mortal Kombat’s many games are. Here’s what I found."

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zeal0us2387d ago

If I recall wasn't Kabal the chosen one in MK3?
Not only that but wasn't Scorpion the "chosen one" in MK:Deception?

Guess being the chosen one doesn't actually make you the winner.