Simpsons Arcade delayed for EU

According to the EU PS Blog, the Simpsons Arcade game has been pushed back a week....

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PamPoovey2210d ago

Oh something delayed for us....again

Dosen't matter I'll just play on Spyr-.......oh wait, fine I'll go play Resident Evil 3 Neme......oh wait we don't have that aswell.

Honestly I'm hopeing that when the PS4 comes out they will do a WW store update.

MariaHelFutura2210d ago

Yeah. You guys definitely get the sh!t end of the stick.

DrunkDan2210d ago

Luckily it's only a week but that's not the point.

Guess I'll take respite in the fact that it's free...

lorianguy2210d ago

Meh, I have Twisted Metal to keep me going until then ;P

DrunkDan2210d ago

Can't argue with that....

Ingram2210d ago

I invested about 650$ in PSN games. I waited and waited, asked and waited some more.Then I waited, waited some more.I heard that a particular game was being late because of glitches, bought it a year and a half later, and found it was still full of glitches.This is true for lots of games.

They said something about localization, I waited, even though those games where already localized, they said something about translation, and the only thing I saw was a nonsensical google translation for the 10 lines of description of the game.Which apparently took about 10 months.These are examples of things that are constantly happening.

We always pay more, we always get less.
That's the EU PSN Store golden rule for their loyal and patient userbase.

EU management has always been disgraceful.

I don't support them anymore.

I have nothing else to say at this point.And I'm positively sure that as a customer, I should.

BitbyDeath2210d ago

I had wondered why i didn't see it on the store this morning.
Oh well i'm still busy playing Starhawk and Skyrim and now also have the Twisted Metal demo to keep me busy.