Pocket-Lint Reviews Singstar - 9/10

Pocket-Lint writes:

"'s the same old Singstar we know and love. It's always going to be a major seller, and with the new online capabilities, it makes it an absolute essential for the usually quite dull family holidays."

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PimpHandHappy3628d ago

is now Sonys playground

nice try MS but no one other the stupid Americans trust you


lodossrage3628d ago

Not all of us Americans are stupid. Some of us have just as much a dislike for M$ as people in other contries (myself included). But that's beside the point.

This is the kind of game that will get many of our parents to get a ps3. The older generations love karaoke. Not to mention in japan and europe karaoke is damn near its own culture lol.

The best part is, this should be the only singstar game we need on ps3 until the next console comes out. Considering they can always update it with new videos and songs.