Gamers Guide on Dating the Perfect Girl Gamer

During the month of February love is in the air. With Valentine’s Day sneaking around the corner it feels pretty bad to be single right about now. The constant reminder of couples in love is kind of a drag when you haven’t got anyone to spend this dreadful day with. So you’re a gamer, kind of hard to find local ladies willing to glue themselves to a TV all day; why not snag yourself an online girl gamer to set your mind at ease?...

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TheSuperior 2386d ago

LOL outlandish article that made me laugh at how realistic this seems x)Gotta love the girl gamers out there tho hahahaha


Great article! Now I know what not to look for in a gamer girl! Lol

evilkillerk2380d ago

gamer girls can be overly emotional and prone to drama.