Interview: David Jaffe Discusses Twisted Metal, Calling All Cars, Game Journalism and Next Gen

This week Joel Taveras of had the privilege of interviewing one of the most passionate and outspoken game creators in the industry, David Jaffe. He sure had a lot to say.

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MariaHelFutura2390d ago

Calling All Cars is such a fun game.

P_Bomb2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Quote from Jaffe:
"I love going to N4G, but the aggregate sites that go there — they don’t discriminate, they’ll put anything there. And because of that they’ll have just as many eyeballs as a great story on Kotaku or DualShockers or whatever. So it goes both ways. It’s getting better but in a lot of ways it’s getting worse."

Well put, Jaffe. Definitely needs to be more of a filter for quality. More fud slips through the cracks online than we ever saw in print. Less incentive to check your sources when you're doing it for free, I guess. Although even Yahoo screwed up regarding PS Home the other day. Still easier to get hits by just making top 5 lists or saying something failed. Or combining the two and making a top 5 list of fails, lol.

It'd be nice to see an article like this get stickied as fast as that one still namedropping 'Lair' in 2012, but it won't.

Mikhail2389d ago

I like the part regarding next-gen. Superior graphics is not enough. Integration of an entertainment system in a console might be the next step.

This can bee seen on how MS is establishing connectivity to xbox with their desktop and mobile division along with their kinect project.

Sony can also do this but needs a partner such as google for software. (They make great hardware but software is meh)

Nindento is always about gameplay first, graphics second. Each company must bring something innovative in order to survive next gen.

soundslike2389d ago

*shadily looks around*

I bet Jaffe is reading every comment on every twisted metal article here.

BrutallyBlunt2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I like Jaffe since he doesn't pull any punches. I found a bit of contradiction in the end of the review though. He says better hardware doesn't really impress him yet he's happy to have Twisted Metal on more powerful hardware. Even if the Playstation 4 is the same but more powerful it means he can have smarter A.I. , better destruction and so on. Better hardware is more than just prettier graphics. Just think what they can do with more than the current 512mb of ram.

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