IGN: Mortal Kombat Delivers Crushing Blows to the Vita

IGN: Mortal Kombat on the Vita features all of the characters from the PlayStation 3 version of last year's game, including the four added DLC characters (Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain, and Freddy Kruger) and God of War's Kratos. Additionally, Mortal Kombat on the Vita will feature all of the added downloadable outfits and fatalities available in the PlayStation 3 version, meaning that the Vita iteration will be the most complete version of the game yet.

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tarbis2389d ago

Even at lower poly. MK on PSV looks fantastic. You'll only notice the lower poly of the chars during close up but not during gameplay. The framerate is still intact.
Gamers will have a winner on their hands when this comes out. Literally.
I just hope they were able to incorporate cross platform play with PS3. =/

Half-Mafia2389d ago

Sorry to disappoint you but the PS Blog had a Q&A with Ed Boon, and said there is no PS3-Vita features :(

tarbis2389d ago

I know, that's why I said I was hoping they were able to.

Half-Mafia2389d ago

This looks pretty damn sweet.

I dont normally buy fighting games, but i want one for the Vita.

Mortal Kombat
Street Fighter X Tekken

Which one?

brettyd2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

The amount of games in the launch window is incredible. I mean like you just stated, there are 4 fighting genre 4 games to choose from.

josephayal2389d ago

Blazblue is horrible looks like guilty gear

Hx3KinG2388d ago

all are great looking, games but if i had to choose one it prob be SFxT!

TheGamingArt2388d ago

I'm a Tekken fan, so you know where I waive lol.

Biohazard88602388d ago

There will be tekken also soon im pretty sure

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SubZeroMaster2388d ago

no crossplay?

if wipeout can do it? i dont see why MK cant?

sikbeta2388d ago

crossplay will be like remote play from PSP, with only a few games supporting, for Vita it'll be a few games with crossplay feature, that how SCE push their new features -_-

TheGamingArt2388d ago

I think the 'transfarring' concept is going to receive a huge push.. so I'm not sure that your statement is accurate. Especially if people really like these features.