Interview: David Jaffe Talks Twisted Metal, Influence of Call of Duty & Much More

Touching on the development time, influence Call of Duty has had on the online interface, and decision as to why the time was right to reboot the franchise, Jaffe shares intimate details on Twisted Metal’s game design & development cycle.

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brettyd2392d ago

Only thing devs should take from cod is how fast you get to the title screen. Once you Putin the game it takes 5sec to play. I hate how games have 5 logos that you cant skip and multiple loading screens before you even get to the title screen.

ReservoirDog3162392d ago

Haha, no kidding huh?

That was probably the best thing about mw2. It didn't take like 2 min to watch unskippable logos to just play. Black ops took awhile longer but I guess that's cause the menu was gameplay.

Still, good observation.