Top 5 reasons Star Wars: The Old Republic is NOT World of Warcraft

GameZone writes, "BioWare has iterated on the MMO formula, but are they significant?"

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Kran2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Whilst i like playing this game, I think I can come up with 5 more reasons why it's not WoW... but due to it's bad points.

1. Crew Skills - Gathering Minerals and Crafting stuff just isn't as interesting AND your companions do most of the work whilst all you do is click "go do shiz".

2. Your Own Ship - THIS IS SO COOL. SOMETHING YOU DONT EVER GET IN WOW... except it'd be great if you could actually customize it to the extreme. I would have liked it if you could make it looks like how you want it to inside the ship. And it'd be nice if I could actually invite friends inside which I think you can't actually do due to your ship being in a phase only your class can enter.

3. Galactic Market - It sucks suck suck! You cant just typesearch for what you want on the market. Instead you got to go through tabs before you CAN type in your search.

4. Areas - Yeah... planets aren't as big as I hoped they'd be... plus there's not half as many planets as there are areas in WoW. And I do mean original WoW. There were still lots to explore in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor without Northrend or Outland.

5. Group Quests - Way too many. Whilst WoW had too little at times, SWTOR has way too many. It's like the game is begging me to do some. I just don't want to!!!

fluffydelusions2390d ago

One problem I have is the population cap on servers is too low. When I got to later planets it's hard to find a group to do heroics/fp's with.

JsonHenry2390d ago

I hated the heroic quests because it is so damned hard to find a group in the later half of the game. I'll be on Hoth or Quesh and only 10-15 people total are on the planet. :(

Panthers2390d ago

This is a problem. They need to up the caps and condense the servers. I heard they are going to allow server xfer, which I hope is soon. I want to change ASAP.

Panthers2390d ago

I actually like the Crew Skills, I just wish crafting was more relevant, or that they had more crafting, like cooking and whatnot.

As far as ships go, this is something I think they will add later on. I think they will add a lot of customization, and maybe even free flying space missions. I would actually love PVP space battles.

The GTN does SUCK and needs to be fixed right away. That is something that I cant argue. Its torture trying to navigate it.

As far as areas go, I am just getting to some of the later planets, and they are a lot more fun to explore. I am liking them so far. (Im LVL 30 Op)

And the group quests are completely optional. They are a blast to do though with a group and are quite difficult at times. Some even feel like instances on their own. They make this game more of an MMO than WoW I believe. But still, they are completely optional and no needed at all to level, considering how many different ways their are to get xp in this game. Most people outlevel the planet they are on pretty fast.

Ares84HU2390d ago

I love these articles.

Can't wait to see "Why the Playstation isn't an Xbox"

zpoc2390d ago