Ezio is 'perfect' for Soul Calibur V because the real cast is weak

IncGamers: Street Fighter has Ryu, Tekken has Jin, Mortal Kombat has Skorpion. Where is Soul Calibur's mascot?

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SageHonor2393d ago

Is it true the game does not include


iamironman2393d ago


and it doesn't include taki or sophitia. or seung mina

SageHonor2393d ago

Wow, that's alot of favorites gone!

D3mons0ul2393d ago

Umm Siegfried? The main character since the first game? He's still in here you know?

iamironman2393d ago

siegfried isn't the main character. namco don't push him as the main character and he's not even in soul v's story mode (as far as i've read).

Baka-akaB2392d ago

You understood what he means , Siegfried was the hero of soulcalibur , and even in this new chapter he holds an important place .

And Nightmare is pretty much the main antagonist of the serie .

If anything there is also Mitsurugi , rather symbolic of the game too .

Hell you didnt shy away from mentioning Ryu , well Ryu isnt SF3's hero ... there you go .

vuzuki2393d ago

For me the mascot has always been Nightmare

Coolmanrico2393d ago

The series doesn't need a mascot and if ezio is the only character you like in a cast of twenty +, then I feel bad for you. I do agree that Soul calibur needs to focus on their own cast and stop bringing in guests.

Unless you are one of the player who characters have been removed the cast is almost perfect. I forget ezio is even there.