Twisted Metal Multiplayer Gameplay Video (16mins)

A YouTube user has released a video showing 16 minutes of gameplay from the Twisted Metal Multiplayer Demo.

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sandman2242386d ago

I think Sony is at least trying to do something different. The game looks pretty good if you ask me. What do you guys think?

JimboG2386d ago

Yeah, I wasn't planning on getting it but after the demo i might just get it

soundslike2386d ago

as long as the final version doesn't have the networking errors its shaping up to be my favorite multiplayer game ever on the ps3

I can't tell you how much I love this game...

suicidalblues2386d ago

And that's the thing. When it comes down to it gameplay> anything else ( how pretty it is, HD or not). And this demo is frikkin FUN!

Fil1012386d ago

I'm new to twisted metal and although i've kept a beedy eye on it I was'nt to sure wot to expect but after playing a dozen matches online I can happily say where have you been all my ps3 life this game kicks serious ass, the release cannot come fast enough.

JohnApocalypse2386d ago

I'm guessing there are more people playing Nuke then Deathmatch because there was only 4 people playing deathmatch when I got online