Pixelitis - The games industry is home to a disturbing lack of originality

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Today, I hold a copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in my hands. On my list of games to get in the near future are Soul Calibur V, Starfox 64 and Mario Kart 7. When it comes to games coming out that I’m interested in, it’s Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater and Dynasty Warriors NEXT.

Now, I know you’re thinking “this man has great taste” but let me ask you; what do all of these games have in common?

If you answered something along the lines of “these are all old, storied game series that have had at least one shameful spin off throughout the years,” then we’re on the same page.

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BuffMordecai2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Nobody's buying original IPs, people flocking to Wii and Kinect shovelware, developers producing sequels because they have had previous success, enormous cost of creating games causing publishers to not take chances, etc. About the only place where you can see original ideas is on steam, psn, and xbla.