No Online Pass for Syndicate, EA confirms

Eurogamer: "Syndicate will not use the controversial Online Pass, EA has confirmed."

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Brownghost2183d ago

Making this purchase more worthwhile

BakedGoods2183d ago

Makes sense, they'd want a wider audience for a brand-new franchises--whether they bought it used or not.

If Syndicate is a success, you can bet the sequel will have an online pass.

StraightPath2183d ago ShowReplies(1)
Cosmit2183d ago

Smart business move. They want as many people to buy this game since its a "New Franchise" this gen. But of course if its a success, they will most likely implement it in the sequel.

gamerz2183d ago

It's great an online pass isn't required. The message gamers should take from this is that online passes do in fact harm the online community of the games that include them.

They don't want online passes for games that might not have a large number of online players, which is another way of saying that online passes greatly reduce the number of people who play online - especially a few months after their release.

David Jaffee said the same thing when he didn't want an online pass for Twisted Metal in fear that it would harm sales.

Hopefully this give those who say "online passes don't effect me cause I always buy new" a second thought since that's clearly not the case.

Legionaire20052182d ago

Great news for us gamers!!! EA cares. Sony should be reading this cause their PS3 version will also have no online pass!!! Hope Mass Effect 3 don't have an online pass too. This game is one of the 3 games I am getting between this month and early next month.

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