Syndicate: Why old-school fans should give EA a chance

Hands-on with the reboot's surprising co-op mode...

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dirigiblebill2300d ago

I'll say of this what I said of Devil May Cry - if you're unhappy with it being a Syndicate reboot, just pretend it isn't a Syndicate reboot. Treat it like a solid-looking FPS from a respected FPS developer instead. See? Much better.

soundslike2300d ago

The problem then is that its still an FPS

omi25p2300d ago

Why give EA a chance they are the bane of the gaming industry and turning everything into a big money grab

Daoshai2300d ago

I think you mean activision or you just have no idea what your talking about

Pintheshadows2300d ago

I actually quite enjoyed the demo, but then I have a softspot for Starbreeze.

r212300d ago

the demo was pretty fun and the graphics are pretty impressive, now if they release a singleplayer demo and its good then they've got a solid buyer :D i'd recommened to fps players that want something fresh to fps scene ;D

Pintheshadows2300d ago

On the back of how fun the co-op demo is i'm getting it. It's very rare for me to like a multiplayer component so I was pleasantly surprised. Solid shooting mechanic, tidy graphics and a dash of the original.