Starbreeze: co-op games are "boring" without "competitive elements"

OXM UK: Syndicate's lead co-op programmer Lars Magnus Lang reckons that co-op games need "competitive elements" if they're to sustain player interest. Keep your enemies close and all that.

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Incipio2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

It's really difficult to play co-op games properly when idiots are competing all the time. Teamwork is what makes a co-op game compelling and exciting.

By definition, co-op (cooperative) mode is when you are supposed to COOPERATE and work together towards a common goal. Competition, by definition and by nature, puts individuals, teams or groups at odds with one another and will naturally dissolve proper teamwork and cooperation.

So, let's try this on for size:

How about game devs give more compelling reasons for players to DEPEND on teammates. Interdependence is what makes a game like Battlefield work so well. Same idea with MMOs. People with unique skill sets and abilities are forced together and presented with situations that demand real cooperation. The reward is in the overcoming of adversity through teamwork. That model of gameplay has been compelling gamers for decades since co-op fighting games in arcades.

TronEOL2388d ago

This. I don't think I need to say much else.

MidnytRain2388d ago

I've played games in which lack of proper teammates and savviness on everyone's part results in frustration.

Tdmd2388d ago

I'm more of a cooperative player than a competitive. I find much more joyful achieving a goal working in a team. It makes for both a more immersive and a more realistic experience, imo. I wish more games would focus in coop.