Does gaming need 3D?

MCV: 3D technology in the home has yet to achieve mass penetration in any sector. Sales of compatible TVs may be increasing, but they have yet to claim a majority of households.

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MizTv2363d ago

do i think they need it now no but do i think its cool yes

Chicago85062363d ago

Hell yea! Gaming needs new experiences always!
BTW...Uncharted3 in 3D is SICK! U may never play it another way.

Game on!

Stansolo2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I play halo aniversary, wipeout hd and killzone 3 in 3D and they look stunning so yes have the option in there to play in 3D.
Try before you invest in a 3D tv because it may not be for everyone. It might be to much strain on the eyes for some people and for children at an age of 5 to 10 they recomend not to watch 3D tv because of eye development.

Thump19672363d ago

Sorry I don't agree I don't like wearing glassess to play a game for extended times. My friend has a 3-D samsung and he hardly uses the 3-D glassess. Just my two cents

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