Amalur dev: RPGs need to cut their ties to D&D

OXM UK: "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning lead designer Ian Frazier thinks role-playing is "mired" in its pen and paper heritage, and needs to stop being complex for the sake of it."

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Christopher2359d ago

I haven't played a 'complex' RPG since DDO was released. The age of complex RPGs died with the NWN series. Furthermore, randomness via computer generated 'die rolls' exist in Amalur just as it does in most RPGs. A plant may sparkle, but a die roll is made and modified by your skill in harvesting plants to determine whether you get something or not. Things like lock picking and combat damage have for ages been primarily decided by one's skill and a character's skill in utilizing their abilities as opposed to random value. Even BioWare moved away from this, Mass Effect being the last game of theirs where hitting an opponent included a roll on variance in addition to then dealing damage. Now their games rely on player skill first to determine a hit and character skill second to determine damage.

If he is talking MMOs, then he is misunderstanding that 'stats' of various percentages and values are integral to the importance of itemization.

Not quite sure what he is getting at seeing as this is pretty common since computer calculated variables remove all of the complexities of such determinations as a whole. Having him say this makes me wonder if he has missed this generation of gaming as a whole.

CNXN2358d ago

relax... also i agree i think

Christopher2358d ago

Relax? Did you envision me yelling at the screen while I typed that out or something?

Neckbear2358d ago

It's odd that they'd say this, especially since in a few other interviews before they mentioned certain quests and areas were inspired by their own D&D sessions.

MattS2358d ago

Wait, what?

RPGs haven't even tried to be like Dungeons & Dragons since SSI. Dungeons & Dragons is a supremely tactical game, and modern RPGs are action games.

Not that modern RPGs are bad - they're good fun - they're just not "mired in pen-and-paper gaming" at all. :-/