Lollipop Chainsaw: The Real Life Juliet Starling

GameBandits: "You need a girl who can definitely kick ass but still look cute and sexy, at the same time. After all, we are talking about the video game Lollipop Chainsaw, where the female lead happens to be a cheerleader who also goes zombie fighting and slashing using none other than a wicked chainsaw."

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Magnus2361d ago

Wish I had his job the first blonde at the beginning of the movie should be the face of Juliet she knows the game studio plays their games. I wonder how many of these other girls actually know how to game?

Kyosuke_Sanada2360d ago

I agree so far however I really wished they gave her more face time so we could have found how big a fan she really was.....

I also expect a lot of chainsaw licking in the competition ^^....

Grimhammer002360d ago

I'm sure they all are amazing gamers. Such is the power of Wii & Kinect.

Ah....sometimes I feel like my honed craft has been so diluted.