Is SoulCalibur 5: Worth Picking Up?

GamerFitNation writes: The fifth iteration of Namco’s prized fighting franchise is finally here and with that I’ve decided to give readers my opinion on what I think about Namco’s latest foray into the fighting game market. Now I have been a fan of this particular franchise since the beginnings on the Dreamcast and have played every single title in the franchise. If you’re curious about my preference for the SoulCailbur franchise, I was one of the people that preferred Link on the Gamecube for SoulCalibur 3.

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Baka-akaB2393d ago

Yep , SCIV was ok , but kinda like a beta . Now despite being rushed and missing chars , it's a true sequel ... the best since SCII , and actually changed tremendeously the gameplay

D3mons0ul2393d ago

Oh yeah, it's what SC4 should have been.