Let’s Play Twisted Metal Demo

T-Hill writes: Nothing is more iconic in gaming as Twisted Metal. The sounds of missiles flying all around, crunching cars, tires squealing and the sound of some sad kids dreams going down the toilet well guess what friend you can get that all in one place. Yes the beloved franchise is making its return in just two weeks and I can say for sure the demo will seal the deal for all you non-believers.

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LOL_WUT2386d ago

I liked the demo but somehow it didn't let me play online.

lorianguy2386d ago

Yeah, I had an error message when I tried to do so.

I think they're aware of it and working on it at the moment though.

Getowned2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

It takes a few trys but it dose work took me 5 tries.Love it but I think the cars are just a tiny bit too fast and the slow cars a tiny bit to slow..but i'm sure I will master it in a few days.I loved all the TM games so far and this one seems great wish we got more cars to choose from in the demo though.I want my ice cream truck :(

fluffydelusions2386d ago

Known issue that is being worries :)

shysun2386d ago

lol this guy has never played a TM game!! lol Rear fire is classic! lol


Last time I played a Twisted Matal game was when part 2 first came out's been awhile you know a little rusty being over a decade lol

shysun2385d ago

That guy was just a noob.

TheHardware2385d ago

That looks insane, I cannot wait....I already preordered, not to make sure no one bothers me for that entire day...think I'll fake my

2385d ago