Which is Better Wired or Wireless?

GamerFitNation writes: There has always been debate over what type of controller do you use, wired or wireless. On either side of the debate are people who feel very strongly about which to choose. And of course in every debate there are pros and cons to both. The main sticking points are price, the use of batteries, and cords.

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CrzyFooL2357d ago

No real gamer trusts wireless when victory is on the line!

Mr Tretton2357d ago

A smart gamer checks battery life before starting a game.

SilentNegotiator2357d ago

A smarter gamer doesn't have to worry about batteries at all ;)

I prefer wired, but if I have a rechargeable battery, I'll play wirelessly.

ZippyZapper2357d ago

People still use wired? The first 20 min of the movie 2001 comes to mind.

jacksonmichael2357d ago

Depends on the battery situation. I use wireless for PS3 (because there isn't really any reason not to) and wired for 360. Works for me.

Magnus2357d ago

I perfer wireless I could be playing a 360 game on the sofa move my elbow the wrong way and pull the headset chord out of the 360 controller.

Mikhail2357d ago

Wireless on consoles and PC for me.(I hook up everything to one HDTV) Unless its online multiplayer on PC,wireless is great.

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The story is too old to be commented.