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There's a persistent understanding—not one proven by facts or by statistics, but by assumptions made by people in marketing departments—that big name actors equate to the success of a game that would otherwise go unsold were it not for the name of Patrick Stewart or some other big name actor at the back of the box, in the press releases, and in the previews and reviews of the game...

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Megaton2300d ago

I typically prefer my games without celebrity VA. For one thing, we don't have to see the inevitable PR vid where they all lie to us about how they're secretly huge gamers. It also sometimes has the effect of taking me out of the game when I can immediately recognize the actor behind the voice. Not always, but sometimes.

rdgneoz32300d ago

Same. Sometimes it can bee good, especially with skilled actors/actresses, but other times it can ruin the feel of the game. Same goes for when they try to use music from popular artists for soundtracks in games to try to sell them, instead of something more fitting of the game.