Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City: Nemesis Battle Video

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is a new type of gameplay for the Resident Evil series. Videos have been appearing all over the internet showing different parts of gameplay.

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Sevir2393d ago

I'm glad RE6 is coming in November!!!

Ares84HU2393d ago

I don't agree. I think the game looks like a ton of fun. This will be a great addition to the RE universe.

irish4life092393d ago

That looked incredibly boring....and I was really looking forward to this game.

Re4er2393d ago

That Nemesis was almost as menacing as burnt toast! Scary stuff...

Shmotz2393d ago

I'm sorry but I'm not feeling this game. That and Slant Six went with the terrible movie Nemesis.

ShAkKa2392d ago

That's not the Nemesis we knew and loved/feared...

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