Vita Memory Card To Pricey?

T-Hill writes: With a ton of discussions taking place regarding the price of the Playstation Vita memory cards I figured I would throw my two cents in on the subject. USB flash sticks and memory sticks for cameras are very common to the average consumer but has anyone noticed that the price between the regular memory sticks and the Vita’s are not that different.

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HakatoX2385d ago

keep crying.... sounds like these whiners didnt buy their own PSP memory back in 05.... I would be pissed to to know mom wont buy my "pricey" memory anymore.... 80.00 for 256 in 05. Even with my shit job this isnt pricey...

superadvanced2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

all flash memory is not created equal. the vita memory cards are very high performance. if the vita just used micro sd cards there would be people that would use the slowest ones available. this could prevent downloaded games from working properly. that said, the vita cards are still a bit overpriced.

thorstein2385d ago

I am just trying to figure out what "card to pricey" means. Is "pricey" some sort of store that I must take my card to? Or are homonyms too hard for the author to figure out?

firefoxprime2385d ago

at article:

Doesn't really matter. Whether you willing to pay for said price, is the more important point.

Me? I'll hold that cash for upcoming ps3 titles.

Noctis Aftermath2385d ago

I would prefer the memory to be cheaper, but i think the main problem with vita concerning memory is the lack of a packed in memory card with each new vita.

Most games will require a memory card to even start up, not including even a small card, say 1gb, with every vita was a terrible decision and it's something that will slow the vitas growth during its first year and will keep on doing so until sony pack a card in with every vita for no additional cost.

dedicatedtogamers2385d ago

This guy is several weeks too late. We already went through this "Vita is teh dooomed because the mem cards are too pricy and my Mommy won't buy me one!!!" nonsense awhile ago.

brish2385d ago

Really?! The vita release in Japan didn't meet expectations. Doesn't sound like nonsense to me now.

Ult iMate2385d ago

Proprietary HDDs for Xbox360 are too pricey too. So what?
Also 32GB microSD card are too pricey.

Snookies122385d ago

Lol, to pricey? I think you mean... Too pricey... XD

Besides, the dang thing is cheap for a 4 gig... If you have money to buy a Vita, you can surely fork over 20 bucks for a memory card. :\

Spydr072385d ago

Nope, they meant two pricey! ?

Tony240ZT2385d ago

Yes, this failed at *to*

WooHooAlex2385d ago

Depends how you look at it, An extra $20 is hardly going to break the bank. You're just not getting a lot of storage for the money is all, but 4GBs should be more than enough for updates, game saves and maybe an occasional demo or something.

Animals_as_Leaders2385d ago

The price increase over a normal SD card is a 100% increase.

If they were priced the same as a nomral SD card then everyone who buys a vita would be able to buy an extra game with their console ( if you buy a 32gb SD card. That is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

UltimateIdiot9112385d ago

But you've also have to look at Class/Brand. Imagine all the articles we'll have about Vita DD games being too slow or games not saving properly.

A decent brand 32 GB with good reviews will run around $40-$50. Yes, it's about 100% increase to make it sound more extreme.

While I can see how people are turn off by the price initially but thinking back to my PSP at launch, the pricing structure then and now hasn't changed. In about a year, the prices will fall, and in about 2 years, the prices on the memory cards will be almost irrelevant to arguments. So as an early adopter, it's a price to pay.

Animals_as_Leaders2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

So because the card will come down in price...that somehow justifies the doubling of the price of them based on nothing at all?

Flash memory has gotten exponentially cheaper since the PSP, if the pricing structure is the same, then something is very wrong.

Sony lowered the value of the Vita by not including a memory card ( and I understand why ) but to then go and double the price of them is self sabotage.

Right now to get a starter kit, a wifi vita and an 8gb card it would cost me around $450aus. For reference I can buy a 320gb PS3 for $320...which includes a blu-ray player and a wireless remote.

Sony F-ed up with the pricing bad. People can claim it's got value because of the hardware. But given that launch games like Uncharted Golden Abyss are running at 20% lower than the vitas resolution and also dropping down to 20 frames's safe to say the hardware is not as good as people are claiming. I just don't see the value in the cards or the justification for the console price. A 3DS is $100 less and it comes with a 4gb card...

BTW don't mistake this for me saying the 3DS is better ( as I know people will ). I owned one and sold it, no games = no fun. But it certainly has more value for those who do want it's games library.

ziggurcat2385d ago

who's giving a vita memory card to pricey? and who's pricey?

Yodagamer2385d ago

Yes because it shouldn't be need for the games, there is no reason why we should need them anymore if they are going to use flash memory for the games

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