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PSVITAlitysensor2388d ago

OMG psvita has a 3000+ increase from last week, but sadly 3DS also has a 4000+ increase...

MaxXAttaxX2388d ago

How is it sad?

It's good for both systems. Looks like that price drop helped the 3DS as well ;)

Game3s2387d ago

Sad because your preference didn't sell more than its competitor ? lmao man stop it

Jobesy2388d ago

Is the PS2 finally being phased out? Numbers are dropping every week. Oh well, it was a damn fine run.

MasterCornholio2388d ago

Hmm Vita managed to sell a bit better. Once games that the Japanese really want come out for the Vita the numbers should increase by a large amount.


ronin4life2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

The rise most likely coincides with/may actually be caused by one of these very games: tales of innocence r.
It was in the top 5 software ( I think at 4, I'm going to check this now.)
#3. Here are the top 5, from #1~5:
Armored Core V ps3
Resident Evil: Revelations. 3ds
Tales of Innocence R Vita
Mario Kart 7 3ds
Monster Hunter 3G. 3ds

sikbeta2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

". Once games that the Japanese really want come out for the Vita"

Hmmm... Moster Hunter? if SCE/J cared about having a successful portable, they should had a MH game on Day One, now that it's available on 3DS, well, it's known what's happening

aceitman2388d ago

it might have something to do with the 3ds having a monster hunter window before sony can come out with one . i read an article on that but i cant find it.

ozstar2388d ago

Sony doesn't have Dragon Quest either.

Knight_Cid2388d ago

monster and dq arent the issues. Its original stuff.

If the new tales was a brand new game you would of seen monster sales

GraveLord2388d ago

Good to see Vita see an increase this week. Also good to see Vita > PSP. I bet IGN won't make an article about it this time. This is actually good news.

JoeReno2388d ago

I would like to agree, but I'm sure IGN will spin it.

AWBrawler2388d ago

3DS is still riding the triple M wave:
Mario Land
Mario Kart
Monster Hunter