The Future of Digital Media

What's on the horizon for digital media? David Chisnall looks at the current format war in the video market and tries to work out which will win - and whether anyone will care.

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whoelse3845d ago

I mean the leap from DVD to Blu-ray isnt as important as VHS to DVD. Theres clearly improved picture quality but anymore than 1080p and people wont care.

After Blu-ray, people will probably just download content or buy high-def but on smaller disks (like UMDs)

PimpHandHappy3845d ago

from what i understand will be the big hurdle

sa_nick3844d ago

Oh hell yeah. Most (all?) ppl in the US enjoy their high speed internet with no limits to how much they can download. Here in Australia, and many other countries, we pay by the months for a certain amount of downloads.

So im paying $70 a month to get ADSL2+ (about 6500k/s) and 40GB's worth of downloads. If i download more than 40GB i get shaped to 56k/s until my new month starts.

While this is the way internet access is controlled in Australia digital video will NEVER taker over dvd/blu ray.