Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the Best Horror Game of Recent Memory

Pixels or Death's Adam Harshberger talks about his time spent playing Amnesia: Dark Descent, and the impact it had on his psyche:

"I don’t really know what to make of this. What does it mean? Is this extreme brand of immersion the hallmark of a videogame masterpiece? Quite possibly, but it isn’t something that every game should aim to do; nor should we want games to overwrite our flesh and bones. Trust me, it’s weird. Is art still art when it becomes an experience? Can an experience be art?"

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jthamind2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

yay, more Amnesia recognition. i can't wait for that new game supposedly coming out this fall, it's going to be similar in atmosphere and scares to Amnesia from what i've seen. can't remember the name of it.

anyways, this is horror done right. actual horror, actual atmosphere, the feeling of trying to survive against enemies you have no hope of killing.

stuff like Dead Space and FEAR? please. they can startle you at times, sure, and even creep you out, but they aren't real horror like Amnesia.

Fylus2275d ago

I totally agree. Amnesia is the perfect example of horror done right. It is good to see this game getting more recognition, like you said. I really can't wait to see future work by these guys.

Lex_Dangerously 2275d ago

I've never even heard of Amnesia(I think I'd remember A-hah) but damn do you make it sound good. I'm honestly going to check it out.....

RevXM2274d ago

Yeah its real horror.

Dead space is really awesome and have great atmosphere and horrifying moments and creepy shit, but it feels a bit to much action oriented to really have any chance to fuck up ones mind.

Amnesia makes you feel weak, alone and threatened!
ead space is good but its more like " OH HOLY FUCKIN SHIT ANOTHER NASTY BEAST TO KILL."

And Amnesia is well this one says it the best:

specialguest2275d ago

I gotta check this out. Sounds like a true horror game. I'm tired of waiting for SH to return to it's glory days.

RandomDude6552275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Try it,....its great and cheap

RandomDude6552275d ago

It is kinda like SH, except no weapons and in first person and in medievil times. In My top 3 horror

RandomDude6552275d ago

Here's a good video to describe the game

specialguest2275d ago

Nice video. The part where she hides reminds me of Clock Tower. Yeah, I definitely have to play this game.

Motorola2275d ago

Take care though, this game isn't for the easily scared people. Not implying that you are or anything but just a warning.

RandomDude6552275d ago

Clock Tower is a good example of what the gameplay mechanics are like, but Amnesia does it better IMO.

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Abdou232275d ago

I only played like an hour, but i agree.